With a clear and distinct objective of securing and safeguarding the health and wealth of individuals, residential and corporate clients; YAMUNAJI TELECOM was incorporated for more than one decade. In the turbulent times of the 1990s, when the world was coming to terms with the drawbacks of capitalism like thefts and robberies; we, at YAMUNAJI TELECOM, were committed to re-establish safety of individuals and companies alike. It has been over one decades since our inception and we have furthered our endeavour, during the course, by making use of the most modern technology and unmatched systems to satisfy our customers.


We are the one of the leaders in the field of electronic security systems in Ahmedabad-India and many other countries of the world. We have initiated research into and developed such product offerings, in the category, which have changed the face of electronic surveillance and security. Our product offerings range from CCTV cameras to attendance systems to home security set ups to EPABX Phone Security to spy cameras and other forms of hidden cameras. We have hence traversed all levels of electronic security systems from core products to the contemporary ones.